Polypropylene Industrial Extractor Fans

Industrial polypropylene vacuum serve as link to galvanic plants and the scrubber.

ModelKwØ INFlow/Rate
VE-DPP 6000/CI-SV 60007.55006.000 m³/ora-280 mm/H2O
VE-DPP 12000/CI-SV 120001555012.000 m³/h-280 mm/H2O
VE-DPP 18000/CI-SV 1800018.560018.000 m³/h-280 mm/H2O
VE-DPP 24000/CI-SV 2400018.570024.000 m³/-280 mm/H2O
VE-DPP 30000/CI-SV 300002280030.000 m³/h-280 mm/H2O
VE-DPP 40000/CI-SV 40000371.00040.000 m³/ora-280 mm/H2O
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