Accessories for plating systems


Wirewound Filter cartridges 10” (5 micron, 10 micron…)
Wirewound Filter cartridges 20” (5 micron, 10 micron…)
Filter cartridges in PP 10” (5 micron, 10 micron…)
Filter cartridges in PP 20” (5 micron, 10 micron…)
Pleated cartridges washable

Filter papers

Weight 350 -250-120-80 g/m2
Special filter papers custom cut


Traditional rectifiers for plating systems
Switching type rectifiers for plating systems
Rectifiers for laboratories
Rectifiers for cataphoresis (with programming of formulas)
Pulse current rectifiers for chrome plating

Immersion heaters

Heaters with integrated ABS (Anti Burning System)
Available heaters equipped with tubes made of:
Pyrex, Titanium, PTFE, Ceramic, AISI

Electric heater in PTFE for tank bottom or wall

Wide range of shapes and power available
Always in stock (subject to prior sale)
3 kW dimension 340×340 mm
4,5 kW dimension 345×425 mm
6 kW dimension 425×425 mm

Armored heaters for ultrasound

• Wide range of shapes and power available (from 1,5 to 18 kW)
• Always in stock (subject to prior sale)
• 3 kW
• 4,5 kW
• 6 kW

Level probes

• Wide range of material available
• In PP up to temp. of 60 °C
• In PVDF up to temperatures of 110 °C
• Length 300mm

Temperature Probes PT100-PTC

• Special temperature probes equipped with PT100 sensor, catch basin and clip cover made of plastic (PP or PVDF)
• In PVDF up to temp. of 110 °C
• Length 300mm always in stock
• Equipped with specific holder

Heat Exchanger

Heat exchanger made of plastic
• Heat exchanger for passage of hot water or steam
• To be installed on tank’s wall or bottom
• Available in different size (on request)
• Made of PE and PVDF


• Coils made of steel
• Coils made of titanium

Magnetic drive pumps

• Flow rates and prevalence on request
• Made of PP or PVDF

Filter pumps

• Flow rates and prevalence on request
• Made of PP or PVDF
• Filter chambers with discs, cartridges, wires, bags


• Manufactured according to drawings


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Accessories for air treatment system


• Centrifugal fans made of anti-acidic material
• Case made of: PP – PVC
• Impeller made of: PP – PVC – FE – AISI316
• Flow rates and prevalence: on request
• Atex class fans available on request

Vertical pumps for fumes abatement towers

• For applications inside or outside the tank
• Made of plastic: PP – PVC
• Shaft made of: AISI316 – coated titanium

Droplets separator

Custom designed

Dosins pumps

 Flow rates on request
Technical characteristics on request

PHmeter devices

  Measurement and ph control devices of liquid for cleansing tower


Pipes and fittings for suction systems
• Production of parts from sheets
Diameters: from Ø500MM to  Ø1200mm
Created in PP – PPS – PVC


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Accessories for water treatment systems


Anionic / cationic / mixed bed resins
Granular activated carbon
Other material on request

Filter containers

Conductivity tester, PH sensors, temperature sensors

Portable tools and sensor
Tools and sensors for installation on lines

Accessories for installation

• Tools and sensors for installation on lines


• Ball valves
• Diaphragm valves (manual and automatic)
• Connectors in PP, PVC, PVDF


• Magnetic drive pump made of plastic material
• Closed or open impeller pump in AISI304 or AISI316
• Connectors in PP, PVC, PVDF
• Pumps with membrane in plastic material or steel


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