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Plating systems

Industrial washing
Water Treatment
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Plating systems since 1982

Our story

The Caoduro plants have always been synonymous
with reliability, thanks to continuous research
and technological innovation.

Plating Systems

Caoduro Impianti designs and manufactures plants for manual and automatic “turnkey” galvanic systems.
All phases of design…continues

Industrial Washing

Caoduro Impianti designs and manufactures machines and equipment for industrial washing, able to meet the demands of customers…continues

Water Treatment

Treating process water for complete reuse, creating a “zero discharge” system, has become a topical issue.
The solutions proposed…continues

Air Treatment

Caoduro Impianti supplies complete and custom systems for the treatment of process vapours, through which the air that…continues

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Designed to give the best

Thanks to our professional team and continuous research and technological innovation,
we design systems to increase the performance of your job.

A masterpiece is made with passion

30 years. This is the sum of the experience gained by Caoduro Impianti design and construction staff in the field.
This is the term of measurement used to quantify the reliability accrued in the field, giving customers the assurance of a partner who can offer solutions, design equipment/plants and construct and deliver them everywhere.

“We have always set our research on customer satisfaction, internally designing and implementing customised plants, based on actual needs. The result is real, visible…”



Our mode of operation can be expressed in various steps. Everything starts from discussion with the customer… continues

Pre-Sales service

Together with the design proposal, an economic proposal containing basic information on system implementation… continues

After-Sales service

Our facility provides technical staff for after-sales service following construction, installation and commissioning of the… continues


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