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Plating Systems Since 1982

30 years. This is the sum of the experience gained by Caoduro Impianti design and construction staff in the field. This is the term of measurement used to quantify the reliability accrued in the field, giving customers the assurance of a partner who can offer solutions, design equipment/plants and construct and deliver them everywhere.

“We have always set our research on customer satisfaction, internally designing and implementing customized plants, based on actual needs. The result is real, visible quality, a prerequisite for total reliability, which is confirmed by our partnership with the University of Trento and Udine, Department of Materials Engineering. Not to mention our pride and joy: our fast response-to-request speed, from sales to customer service”.

In its new Brendola headquarters, which occupy more than 5,000 square metres, Caoduro Impianti brings together all its management/administrative offices, the planning and commercial departments, the production unit for the processing and assembly of items in plastic, carbon steel, stainless steel and titanium, and the department for the assembly, installation and testing of plant and the shipping of goods. Caoduro Impianti operates at worldwide level, with over 150 plants realized and installed across the world, mainly in Europe. Caoduro Impianti is recognized as a trusted partner for the design and construction of galvanic plants, industrial washing plants, water and air treatment. Also, a constant Research and Development allows Caoduro Impianti to steadily improve its own know-how, in order to provide always new solutions to different needs.

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Thanks to our professional team and continuous research and technological innovation,
we design systems to increase the performance of your job.

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Immersion heaters
Armoredheaters for ultrasound
Temperature Probes
Magnetic drive pumps

Enter the section accessories for platingsystems

Vertical pumps for fumes abatement towers
Filling bodies for fumes abatement towers
Droplets separator

Enter the section accessories for air treatment system

Anionic / cationic
Granular activated carbon
Othermaterial on request
Conductivity tester, PH sensors, temperature sensors
Accessories for installation

Enter the section accessories for water treatment systems

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