Plating Plants

Caoduro Impianti designs and manufactures plants for manual and automatic “turnkey” galvanic systems. All phases of design and construction take place exclusively within the company and under the control of its highly skilled staff. The quality of the finished product and delivery times are always insured, as well as timely after-sales service. The great organizational flexibility and experience accumulated over the years make it possible to create systems tailored to each customer needs, whatever the sector and the market in which it operates.

Caoduro Impianti proposes solutions for further improvements to the production processes, both for turnaround times for production time (for example the drag-out optimization) and for the improvement of galvanic plant safety.
Caoduro Impianti isalso able to provide an economic and financial advice: thanks to a team of professionals with varied experiences it is able to provide for its plant an analysis of financial and economic feasibility.
Besides producing new plants, our company offers the supply of individual components, the modification and revision of existing systems and the provision of customized technical equipment

Types of Galvanic Plants

Automatic Plating Lines
with Racks

Impianti Automatici a Telaio

Manual Plating

Impianti Manuali

Automatic Plating Lines
With Barrels


Special Automatic
Plating Lines

Impianti Speciali

Automatic Plants with
ArmsUdylite Systems

Impianti a bracci e Udylite
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