Water Treatment

Treating process water for complete reuse, creating a “zero discharge” system, has become a topical issue.
The solutions proposed by Caoduro Impianti, in addition to being extremely effective, fully meet the specific needs of customers.
Caoduro Impianti provides also all accessories and spare parts for various water treatment systems .

Types of Plants

CAODURO IMPIANTI can offer its services in the following range of plant design:
Ion exchange resin for water demineralization, softening and selective
Chemical-physical plants
Close-loop systems for wet tumbling
RO systems and ultrafiltration
Vacuum evaporation systems for sewage concentration
Vacuum evaporators for gold industry
Atmospheric evaporator for solvent recycling systems
Crystallization plants for plating industry
Filter press and vacuum-filter for sludge dehydration
Drinking water treatment plant
Service and maintenance contracts, planned assistance, products supply and spare parts for water treatment plants

Additional Services

CAODURO IMPIANTI offers its experience for:
Modifications and expansions of existing plants
Analysis and laboratory tests
Supply of process control instrumentation
Supply of products and tanks for storage of all types of waste
Supply of manufactured items, tanks, storage tanks
Technical assistance

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