Manual Plating Lines

Completely manual galvanic plants, suitable for manufacturing processes also of small series.

Sectors of Use

Machines for Food Industry
PCB – Connettori
Engineering Industry, Accessories
Sanitary Fittings

Type of Treatment

Pre-treatments: electrolytic degreasing, chemical degreasing, ultrasonic degreasing, pickling, etc.

Elettrodeposition: electrolytic nickel plating, tin plating, chrome plating, zinc plating (acid, alkaline), copper plating (acid, alkaline), etc.

Chemical treatments: burnishing, chemical nickel plating, chemical gold plating, chemical tin plating, staining, passivation, phosphating, etc.

Jewelry finishing: silver plating, chemical gold plating, chemical rhodium plating, palladium plating, nickel free processes, cataphoresi, anaphoresis, etc.

Aluminium treatments: anodic oxidation, olouredanodizations, etc.

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