Caoduro systems become Industry 4.0 Ready

For years, the systems we design have been complete with technologies for process visualisation and data analysis.
Our technologies have improved even further in recent years, satisfying the necessary requirements for the Industry 4.0 regulations in force.

Today, we can officially declare that the
systems manufactured by Caoduro Impianti are Industry 4.0 Ready..

What does buying an Industry 4.0 Ready system signify?

Industry 4.0 is leading to a radical change in production, aimed at automating and connecting entire production processes. The objective is to optimise the processes, analyse the data, improve efficiency, reduce errors and waste, whilst predictively anticipating maintenance operations.

Our systems satisfy a range of requirements:
– Control via CNC and/or PLC
– Interconnection to factory IT systems with remote loading of instructions and/or part programs
– Automated integration with the factory logistics system or with the supply network and/or with other production cycle machinery
– Simple and intuitive human-machine interface
– Compliance with the latest occupational safety, health and hygiene standards
– Remote monitoring and/or remote diagnostics and/or remote control systems
– Continuous monitoring of working conditions and process parameters through appropriate sets of sensors and process drift adaptations
In addition to this, Caoduro Impianti is able to manage the data volume increase and have suitable connectivity, in order to ensure improvement in the transfer of digital instructions and to guarantee new solutions for human-machine interaction.

The tax benefits of buying an Industry 4.0 Ready system

Under Law no. 232 dated 11th December 2016, a series of incentives were envisaged for the Industry 4.0 sector, to introduce digitisation into the production processes of Italian industries.
The key points of the Law that came into force on 1st January 2017 are:
— Hyper-amortisation, being a 250% overvaluation of investments in new tangible assets, devices and technologies to be purchased or leased;
— Super-depreciation, being 140% overvaluation of investments in new capital goods to be purchased or leased.
For those availing of hyper-amortisation, there is also the possibility of benefiting from the facilitation also for investments in intangible capital assets (software and IT systems).
For more information on these benefits, please refer to the PDF of the legislation or contact us directly.

Click here to view the Industry 4.0 plan